Frank Blueka

Frank Blueka’s unique style of playing features Celtic & European influences woven into the American singer/songwriter tradition. A warm fireside voice is lively driven by an electro-acoustic guitar. His subtle use of echo machines and other effects add a breadth and depth to his nimble-fingered guitar work, creating an intoxicating atmosphere. A reviewer once said: " in Frank's music one can hear shades of Jack Johnson, Ozark Henry, Damien Rice, Radiohead, Luka Bloom, Neil Young, Townes van Zandt and early Tom Waits". Fair enough, we all find it easy to put things in boxes... but they are just that - lighter shades on a much larger and bolder painting... all coming from his own soul-deep viewpoint, and with (what they say here in Holland) "a new jacket on".

Born in a northern province of Holland, Frank relocated at age 17 to the centrally located "Hanzestad" of Zwolle. This was a change from what he had known up until that time, for sure. More changes were coming when in the years to follow he immersed himself in the multi-cultural melting pot that is one of the world's most famous and beloved cities: Amsterdam. As one might expect this was quite an eye-opener for a boy from "the country", but he kept his sensibilities. Having enjoyed the experience - yet yearning for a place to settle down that was a bit less hectic - he returned to the Zwolle. After playing with various rock/pop formations with some success, he knew it was time to step out on his own and began developing his own style of solo acoustic performance. Not the easiest thing to do, out on a limb in front of the public on your own. It's up to you and no one else is there to catch you if you fall. But he stuck with it and now music lovers everywhere wil be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he readies his second full-length album for release. Playing "live" in front of an audience is where he really shines as Barry McCabe well knew when he asked Frank to be the opening act for the "Peace Within" tour. Frank has also played support slots for the classical string-rock alternative band DAAU and one of the most popular young Dutch bands of this era, Krezip.

CD "Acoustic Avenue"

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Frank’s debut album “Acoustic Avenue” is an honest, pure look at an artist coming into his prime. Effortless, relaxed singing and first-class songwriting. A classic album with a 21st century warm feel and sweet guitar sounds.. 

Acoustic Avenue was released at the end of 2007. Supplies are limited (almost sold out!)... but there are still a few original copies left. I am not certain when "Acoustic Avenue" will be reissued... as I am putting all my energy and finances into the new album. So, if you would like one of the original factory-pressed "Acoustic Avenue" cds in a case with deluxe lyric booklet, please order today! Your satisfaction is guaranteed and I ship worldwide. To order or listen to the album, check out the menu here: 
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' though leaves are many /
the root is one ' (W.B. Yeats)

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Short story...

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Judging from his stoney silence, the cab driver is downright furious. You can't really blame the guy: I've just asked him to forsake the antiseptic safety of downtown Zwolle downtown to drive deep into a known hippie-hideout territory on the outskirts... a place where feelings run soul-deep while guitars, bottles of wine, and sometimes funny cigarettes are passed around. We go flying off the road where the highway turns to dirt, just a stone's throw from the IJssel River Bridge. We have arrived at the "Bunker of a New Time"...

The cab screeches to a halt. I reluctantly step out onto the grassy ground. No sooner is my body clear of the car when the driver puts the pedal to the metal, leaving me stranded and alone... they've been expecting me, but it makes me no less nervous. Down the dark tunnel I go, the faint light at the end thankfully getting closer as I make my way toward it. I really hope that there's someone inside this mysterious building... softly the sound of an acoustic guitar beckons... a slight ghostly echo touches the walls.... finally a huge ragdoll opens the door and whispers in my ear ".....feel welcome my friend.......Frank Blueka is playing........."