2017-sept Justin Maller's artwork "Heart of Gold" on album Frank Blueka

New York artist Justin M. Maller has licensed Frank Blueka's new album "Harvest Waits." He says Tom Waits meets Neil young is a nice and soulfull project and granted a license to use for his "Heart of Gold" artwork. Justin Maller made other promotional posters for Bon Iver and at the grammy ceremony for Adéle. Good company voor Frank Blueka ;-)! 

Frank Blueka on British Radio

Frank Blueka was recently on British radio. Songs from the yet unmasterd en pure version of the upcoming album "Harvest Waits" were played on Roy Wetton's Millside Radio Show. During Roy's two-hour show featuring roots, rock, and reggae. Songs from Frank were played in the first hour and in the second. On the air Roy described Frank Blueka as "a brilliant performer with excellent songwriting".  A great comment and special because Roy had some time before Frank Blueka live (!) in the studio. Playing acoustic versions of his own Room 88 and Acoustic Avenue album. It was whispered that even Robin Hood came out of the woods to secretly listen just beneath a studio- window....His comment: "Why took it such a long time to get such good music overhere"......

A listening pleasure with a delicious musical flow

Frank Blueka warmed up with an atmospheric instrumental piece which made me think of the excellent soundtrack music made by Mark Knopfler.. after a dry but humourous comment “yep, everything works” he got down to business. Technically a very good guitarist, he's also blessed with a warm friendly voice and a perfectly tempered, modest style. The second number was a sixties protest song, then came a blues from somewhere beyond the cosmos and after that a cover of U2's "With or Without You". The songs kept coming, something for everyone it seemed. Frank Blueka is a great songwriter but also a master interpretor of classic pop and rock songs.  A listening pleasure with a delicious musical flow 


When asked what kind of music he makes, Frank replies: “Songs, preferably in their simplicity. I arrange songs with my acoustic guitar and voice in mind. These restricted resources frustrate me sometimes, but on the other hand they ensure that I don’t lose myself in the surplus of too many possibilities. Give me a synthesizer and I dream away so far that I can hardly find the way back…”

3voor12 (VPRO) hears Folk and Celtic influences in Frank's music which will be confirmed soon with the release of his first full-length album, "Acoustic Avenue". Also present are deep-bluesy moods associated with John Mayall's 1967 solo album. The same dreamy midnight-blueness permeates the attic chamber recordings of Frank Blueka.

For his lyrics he often draws inspiration from the universe, dreams and animals. Feelings of love, anger, loss and humour braid themselves throughout in a seamless, shameless (and sometimes delightfully odd) mix. In the track "Wildebeast" he puts forth a contemplation of the African animal world from the safety of a tree hut, singing as if he'd rather be one of them!
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